Warsaw Maya Meeting

Jan Szymanski
Prof. Mariusz Ziółkowski and dr Jan Szymański – the first Warsaw Maya Meeting in 2010

Warsaw Maya Meeting is the result of the long-standing tradition of the Maya epigraphy course and annually organized epigraphic workshops. The first event was  organized by dr Jan Szymański in 2010.

Prof. Nikolai Grube – the first Warsaw Maya Meeting in 2010

In 2019, the second Warsaw Maya Meeting conference took place (link  https://sites.google.com/view/warsawmayameeting/main), it was organized by Michał Gilewski and Stanisław Iwaniszewski.

In 2021, Michał Gilewski, Stanisław Iwaniszewski, Przemek Trześniowski, Agnieszka Hamann and Gabriela Dziki organized Warsaw Maya Meeting for the third time. The conference consisted  of two distinct events: a symposium,  which focused  mainly on ethnography and archaeology, aimed at the cooperation of both  disciplines, and an introductory workshop  on anthropological and archaeological theories.

3rd Warsaw Maya Meeting
3rd Warsaw Maya Meeting
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