Internet Maya course

Since Maya epigraphy is a relatively young discipline (developing in the academic setting since only the 1970s), it is not studied in many countries of the world. In Poland, Maya epigraphy has been developing very quickly thanks to the University of Warsaw course that has been offered for two decades and has already been completed by over half a thousand people. Currently, this course is taught as an OGUN (all-university course available to students of all faculties and departments) at the Faculty of Archaeology (Maya Hieroglyphic Writing – beginner level).

The course is a systematic introduction to Maya epigraphy along with an introduction to Maya linguistics and culture, continuously updated to reflect the latest state of research. It includes a historical outline of the decipherment of Maya writing, a comprehensive introduction to calendar, syntax, and grammar, allowing participants to learn analytical reading techniques and the basics of vocabulary. Individual lessons consist of systematic lectures in an electronic form. Each contains interactive exercises that let students test their newly acquired skills.

An important part of the learning process is participating in a discussion forum, which provides  students with direct contact and discussion opportunities (in English) with students from other faculties and from abroad.

Classes last 30 weeks and include 90 hours. Each class, prepared in the form of pdf files, is accompanied by exercises, including interactive tests and tasks assessed by the tutor, allowing you to assess your progress.

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