Agnieszka Hamann

A graduate of the 2008/09 edition of the course. She defended her master’s thesis under the supervision of Prof. Elżbieta Górska „Metaphoric and metonymic nature of language. A comparison of English and Mayan languages in the cognitive linguistic perspective„, in which she analyzed the nature of language and, using examples taken from European, Australian and Mayan languages, she explained the nature of the difficulties we encounter when reading ancient inscriptions. Currently a PhD candidate at the Faculty of „Artes Liberales” (Environmental Transdisciplinary Doctoral Studies), where she is finalizing her doctoral dissertation entitled  „Understanding the Ancient Maya. Cognitive analysis of the language of glyphic texts of the Classic Period” under the supervision of Prof. Justyna Olko and Prof. Elżbieta Górska.  Her doctoral project represents an attempt to show what a written language can reveal about the culture and mindset of its users. She also conducted didactic classes on the basis of his own programs in the field of Maya epigraphy (History written in glyphs) and cognitive linguistics (Language as a window into human mind).

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